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This Website is Dedicated to Francis Richard O'Connor

The Farm

Welcome to The Farm

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The Sign of the Children and Grandchildren.

This sign has all the names of the Children and Grandchildren of Fran and Anne.

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Patrick eating a raspberry

Patrick stuffing a raspberry in his mouth when he was 2.

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Fishing with Mom

Fran fishing with his Mother Alice.

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Cousins in the upper field

A Bunch of the the cousins on the upper field
on 5/26/19

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The trail signs

The Trail Signs

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Sun Set

The Upper Field at Sunset

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the upper feild

The Upper Field

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The Green bridge being built

Green Bridge
being put in

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a Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole
eating pollen from a tree near the Ponds

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Christopher eating a raspberry

Christopher eating a raspberry in 2010

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A paraglider over The Farm

A paraglider flying over the farm on 8/22/20

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The American Flag at the House

The American Flag at the House
Taken from the New Camera
Taken on 6/24/2021

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The American Flag at the House

Christopher raising the flag with Fran and the Colorgaurd
Taken on 10/28/2022

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The Garage before and after

The Garage Before and After

The Ponds

The Farm from the Air

Shot by DJI Mini SE

The Farm in the Snow
Photo by a DJI SE Mini

The Old Oak Tree

Grandpa and Christopher riding the golf cart

The O'Connor Sign

Website created by:
Chrsitopher O'Connor
Grandson of Anne & Fran
Website Last Edited: 1/26/23