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The Ponds & Fishing

The Ponds
Before & After.



The Woods behind the Pond

The Upper Pond from the Woods

The Ponds from the Air
Taken on March 21st, 2022 and January 26th, 2023

Grandpa and Tommy standing next to the pond while it is being built


Fun Fact:

Matthew O'Connor caught the first fish.

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Fishing with Mom

Fran fishing with his Mother Alice.

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Anne, Christopher and Brendon with fish

Anne O'Connor(left), Christopher O'Connor(top right) Brendan O'Connor (bottom right)

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Fran with a big fish

Fran O'Connor

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Patrick and Sean O'Connor with fish

Patrick O'Connor(left), Sean O'Connor (right)

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Fran with a big fish

Fran O'Connor with a Catfish

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Patrick, Will and Ellen with fish

Patrick O'Connor(left), Will McKenzie(middle) Ellen O'Connor (right)

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Brendon and Christopher with fish

Brendon O'Connor(left), Chrsitopher O'Connor (right)

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A group of people fishing
Patrick O'Connor (right), Connor Radley (Left)
taken on 9/9/21
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A group of people fishing
Fran O'Connor(left), Christopher O'Connor (middle left) Pat O'Connor (middle right) Timmy (right)

Fun Fact:

Will Mackenzie holds the record for most fish caught in a day
with 36 FISH!!!!

Grandpa fishing, in the big Pond
To watch this video on youtube Click here

Grandpa and Christopher feeding the fish